How to install Windows 8 on the Windows 7

Do you want to try Windows 8, but don’t want to update Windows 7 to Windows 8. And don’t have another PC on hand? Congratulations! You find this tutorial, which teach you how to install Windows8 on Windows 7.

Download Windows8 and WinISO

According to your Windows 7, if your Windows 7 is 32-bit OS, you download 32-bit Windows 8, and 64-bit you download 64-bit Windows 8.
Likewise, you need to download the language package that you need your OS shows to you. Download


Because we don’t want the old OS to be replaced, so we need a new partition for window 8. I have already got an empty partition, so here I don’t want to talk about it. You can get it by yourself.

Extract the image file

Install WinISO firstly, then use WinISO extract the Windows 8 iso file (pay attention that do not extract Windows 8 ISO into the partition that you install Windows8).

Run setup.exe

You need to run the setup.exe in the sources folder instead the one in the root file. If you run the second one you will be 100% failure.
During the installing, a dialogue window will pop-up to ask you to choose “update” or ”custom”, what you need is to choose “custom” to go on, then select the partition you prepare to install your Windows8.


The installing will cost you about 20 minutes, and then it will need you to deal with the initialize settings. It is quick anyway for take about 30 minutes to finish the installing.

Now, it is the time for you to enjoy your work.
Enter the Window 8 OS, yeah, successful!

Set boot sequence

Quit Windows 8 and enter Windows 7, press W+R, enter the letters “msconfig” to open the system settings. And switch to BOOT, and set the Windows 7 as the default OS, then it will reminds you to restart your PC.

It is possible that you need to reactive you Windows 7. Use your code, reactive it.

Delete Windows 8 

If you don’t want to use Windows 8 anymore, just format the partition you install Windows8, and delete the system settings in the Windows 7 OS, then the PC will return to the Windows 7 only, like the Windows8 never exists.

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