WinISO Standard 6 updates history:

WinISO Standard (Updated on: Jul 12th)

1. Fixed minor bugs.

WinISO Standard

1. Added the Multi-language: Bulgarian.

2. Fixed minor bugs.

WinISO Standard V6.2  

1. Added a new function: Adding mixed files and directories at a time.

2. Added Multi-language: Korean and Chinese Traditional.

3. Added the new mount module.

4. Supported mounting ISO on 64-bit system.

5. Added the Multi-folder selection.

6. Updated the Multi-language: Arabic, French, Hungarian, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Spanish (Mexico).

7. Fixed some bugs

WinISO Standard V6.1

1. Supported NRG, CCD and MDS image file formats

2. Added the iso image file associations and supported changing the iso file association

3. Optimized the Registration Window.

4. Added the limitation on saving file size over 500M for the Beta Version

5. Updated the interface of Multi-language: Japanese, Hungarian and German

6. Updated the Multi-language: Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, French and Russian.

7. Change log: Minor UI tweaks.

8. Fixed some bugs and typos.

The advantage of WinISO Standard 6  is available here:

1. Supported the virtual drive

2. Supported mounting on-the -fly

3. Supported burning ISO Image and burning on-the-fly

4. Supported NRG, CCD and MDS image file formats

5. Supported  UDF and HTS+ file systems

6. Supported bridge and unbridge file systems

7. Supported larger ISO size

8. Added Multi-language: Japanese, German and French

WinISO 6.0 Beta4 (Dec. 23rd, 2011)

1. Supported virtual drive

2. Supported mounting on-the-fly (32-bit PC Only)

3. Fixed the UDF maker bug

4. Added Multi-language: Japanese and German

WinISO 6.0 Beta3 (Dec. 16th, 2011)

1. Supported reading formatted CD-RW/DVD-RW in Win7

2. Supported dragging to open iso file

3. Added the detection reading speed before burning ISO

4. Fixed the bug of limiting to 4GB image files

WinISO 6.0 Beta2 (Dec. 9th, 2011)

1. Supported burning image files on-the-fly

2. Extracted dialogue UI tweak

3. Supported opening ISO image file through File Associations

4. Fixed some bug

WinISO 6.0 Beta1 (Dec. 2nd, 2011)

1. Supported ISO Image burning

2. File extraction bug fix

3. Boot image extraction fix

4. UI tweak

5. Root Dir time fix

6. Extraction expand bug fix

7. UDF read crash bug fix

WinISO 6.0 Beta

1. Added support to UDF and HTS+ file systems.

2. Supported bridge and unbridge file systems.

3. Supported larger ISO size.

4. Supported DVD and Bly-ray disc to ISO.

5. Supported all image file formats( including NRG,CUE,BIN )to ISO or BIN/CUE conversion.

WinISO Version 5.3

1. Added an option so you can choose to use "Joliet" or "ISO9660" in "Properties Window".

2. Rewrote some of the program. WinISO is now more stable.

WinISO Version 5.2

1. Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to open some ISOs that showed "Assert failed at CDesc.cpp lines 29".

2. Used new installer package to deploy WinISO.

3. Included all current language files into new installer so you can select the language to install.

WinISO Version 5.1

1. Supported multiple languages

2. Supported converting BIN to ISO/WAV/DAT files

3. Supported converting ISO to BIN

4. Supported bootable CDs. Now you can add/remove/replace/make bootable information in a bootable ISO

5. Fixed a bug where "Save as" lost bootable information

6. Rewrote almost all of the source code and fixed many bugs. WinISO is now more stable

WinISO Version 4.0

1. Supported Disc Juggler and more image formats

2. Supported using ASPI to make your ISO from CDROM

3. Faster - You can now make a 500M ISO in only 5 minutes

4. Fixed some bugs

WinISO Version 3.9

1. Support more image formats

2. Fix a bug of BIN to ISO

WinISO Version 3.8

1. Supported bootable image

2. Fixed some bugs of open non-standard ISO image

3. Fixed a deleting-files bug when user cancel the extracting

WinISO Version 3.5

1. Supported Add/Delete/Rename files to/from an existing image file! It's the unique feature in the world!

2. Supported any CDROM image to ISO

WinISO Standard 6:

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