How to make the boot information?

Boot disk which can be applied to booting and finding out the problem your system get when it has been compromised, or has experienced technical difficulties. Familiarize yourself with elusive knowledge of making bootable disc with limited information provided. The processes provided by the professionals are extremely difficult for the novice. WinISO appears and brings users a utilities tool to make bootable disc easier than ever without complex self-experience.

If you want to make bootable ISO and make bootable CDs, you should get an essential and quite small file, named boot image or boot information, and its format just like the .bif file. But where and how could we get this kind of tiny file? You would curious about this. 

Now we will show you the way you can get the boot image with WinISO. (Here we use Windows7 installation disc as an example.)

The things you should have:

  • 1. WinISO (Free Download WinISO)
  • 2. Windows7 installation disk (It should be the bootable disk)
  • 3. CD/DVD Drive


Step 1: Make Bootable ISO

Launch WinISO, inset the Windows7 disc into your DVD-ROM, and then click “Make” on the toolbar. After several minutes, you will get the bootable Windows 7 ISO file.

Boot image

Step 2: Extract Boot Image file

Open the Bootable ISO file you’ve just make. Click “Bootable” on the menu; choose “Extract Boot Image…” option, there will be a window let you choose the destination of the boot information. Then just click "Save"

Boot image

Now, you’ve got the boot image.

TIP: Just keep it; it will apply to any windows7 non-bootable ISO.

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