The reviews of WinISO Standard 6 from GOTD:

I recently downloaded the demo for this, and liked it, so getting this as a GAOTD is really appreciated. This program is a useful utility to have on hand.
I’ve been backing up a lot of my old CDs and DVDs to hard drive, in case the originals fail (and that has happened with older ones).
I found this program to be very flexible and intuitive, so for most it will be very easy to use.
It’s like a swiss army knife – it should cover most of your disk image needs, and it allows you to mount images as drive letters as well.
I did try some other applications, including several that were freeware, but I have to say, I really like this.

--- Dave

It’s a pretty good iso image tool. I used it to burn the Windows 8 iso file to my own DVD, and it works pretty well. Then I used the new DVD to install Windows 8 successfully. Great!!!

--- Jacob

I’m a frequent WinISO 5.3 user and I could seriously use the enhancements and options provided by the WinISO Standard 6.
It has more powerful functions, more beautiful and more user-friendly interface. Nice tool. Thanks for keeping up this great little app.

--- Jones

I tried the program and everything worked fine.
So far, no complaints. It’s seems to be very stable.

--- Abdul

Simplest, most pain-free registration of all time by following the directions they gave us in above. Thanks so much, GAOTD and WinISO. I’ve been needing a good program like this one!

--- Moosish

I have backed up my softwares and games easily with WINISO. Nice ware.

--- Aron Robot

WinISO. The best tool for mounting and burning image files.

--- Ngheo Doi

Though I am not a geek, who would not want to have this? It would really help a lot.

--- Kim Paula Guess

Excellent application.

--- Jelson

WinISO Standard 6:

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