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What is IMG file format?

The IMG file format is one of the following files:

1.A CD or DVD image file, essentially equivalent to an ISO file. On such a file, simply changing the extension from IMG to ISO can make it usable as the latter by most programs.

2.An archive format used for creating a disk image of floppy disks and HDDs. This allows for digital storage, transmission, and replication of floppy disks and HDDs. Files created using this format typically use the ".IMG" file extension.

3.A file in the Macintosh Disk Image format used by Aladdin Systems (now Allume Systems) ShrinkWrap and Apple Disk Copy for Mac OS although they share the same file extension.

4.The IMG file format, also known as GEM IMG, is an image file format used to store bitmap digital images on Graphical Environment Manager.

5.A graphics image format used in various ways by many different graphics software packages. IMG files are used for:

● Digital storage, transmission, and replication of floppy disks.

● Mounting virtual floppy disk volumes.

WinISO can edit the .IMG disc images. Want to know how to convert .ISO to .IMG? Go WinISO tutorial to get more guides or click here directly.


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