How to change the iso file association with WinISO?

A file association associates a file with an application capable of opening that file. More commonly, an iso file association associates with a corresponding application (such as an ISO editor.) WinISO Standard 6 is a comprehensive tool which provides everything you need to create, edit, mount, burn and convert disc images. Here are some tips to change the iso file association with WinISO. Hope useful for you!

Firstly, download WinISO Standard 6 and then install it.


Step 1: Install and run the software

After installation, run the software. You can see the main interface as below.

WinISO iso file association


Step 2: Configuration Settings

Click "Options" on the menu, then select "Configurations". Click "Change…" on the sector of ISO file association.

Win ISO file association


Setp 3: Set the corresponding application. (Here we set WinISO as an example)

Choose "WinISO" on the recommended Programs section, then click "OK".

iso file association

Now, all the progress is done! Just check all the .iso files on your PC. They should be opened with WinISO.

Tips: In the "Configurations", you can also set the application software language. WinISO is available worldwide in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean, Turkish and Chinese.

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WinISO Standard 6:

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