How to extract boot image from CD/DVD?

Extract Boot Image: Some WinISO users are confused that how to get the boot image which can change the non-bootable ISO to be the bootable one by adding boot image file into the non-bootable ISO. Win ISO, the All-in-one ISO Management tool can cope with extracting iso boot file which help you make the bootable iso with ease. This article will let you know how to extract boot image from CD/DVD with WinISO.

First of all, you should find a boot disk, or the Windows installation disk. It’s very easy for you to get this kind of disk. Insert the boot disk into your CD/DVD Drive. Then follow these steps to extract boot image.

Step 1: Free Download WinISO from our official website and install it. It will just take you several seconds. Install and Run it.

WinISO main interface

Step 2: You need make ISO from the boot disk first. Click Menu "Tools" -> "Make Image from CD/DVD/BD…", or you can click the “Make” button on the toolbar.

Win ISO Boot image extractor01

Then Select the " CD/DVD Drive" and Enter output file name. After that, click “OK” to process.

Win ISO Boot image extractor02

Step 3: Open the boot disc ISO file.

There are ways to open ISO file.
I. Click “Open file” on the toolbar, choose the “Boot disc” as an example, then click “OK”.
II. Click “File” on the Menu, choose the “Open file” option
III. Drag the destination file into WinISO

WinISO Boot Image Extractor03

Step 4: Click “Bootable” on the Menu, then choose the “Extract Boot Image…”, enter the file name, then click “Save”. After several seconds, you’ll get the boot image on your Local Browser.

WinISO Boot Image Extractor04

Now, you can find the boot image file on your local Browser, just use it with ease.

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