How to make a bootable DVD?

Bootable DVD Maker: What is the Bootable DVD? A bootable DVD should be called Emergency Startup Disk which is mainly for re-booting your computer when your system has been compromised, or has experienced technical difficulties.

Making a bootable DVD is not difficult any longer. WinISO is an integrated tool to make bootable DVDs. It has the ability to extract & set boot information, and generate the bootable ISO file as well.

Note: Not all ISO files have boot information. Running WinISO, you will find out whether the ISO image files have bootable information or not on the left of WinISO.

Here we will show you how to make a bootable DVD with ease.
Let’s put the “Non-bootable” ISO file as an example.

Firstly, Free Download WinISO, and then install it.

Step 1: Install and run the software

After the installation, run the software. You can see the main interface as below.

WinISO main interface

Step 2: Make bootable ISO file

Open an ISO file which is non-bootable ISO. Then set the boot image file.
Tips: There are 2 ways to set the boot information with WinISO.

Usage 1:

Click "bootable" on the toolbar; choose the “Set Boot Image”, a “select a boot image file” dialogue will appear on your screen. Afterwards, choose the boot image file. Then click “open”, you will see the bootable image file on your screen.

make bootable DVD

Usage 2: You can also load boot information from CD/DVD/BD Driver or CD/DVD/BD image file

Click "bootable" on the toolbar; then click the "Import From..", There are two options. If you have the boot information in your CD/DVD/BD, just choose the “CD/DVD/BD Driver”, then you will get a message, including the importing succeeded message, the boot file size and ask you whether set into the current working image or save it to file? Click the "Set into current" button, the bootable ISO you will got right now. (We recommand you save the boot information first then set it into the non-bootable file.)

make bootable DVD

Step 3: Burn the bootable ISO file to DVD

Prepare a blank DVD, and make sure you have a DVD Driver to insert it. Then click the “Burn” on the toolbar. Choose the DVD driver you have and the bootable ISO you’ve just got. Everything is OK, Now click “Burn”. A few minutes, you will get a bootable DVD.

Bootable DVD Maker

More things you can do

  • Extract boot image: WinISO can also extract the boot information from the bootable DVD or bootable ISO files. Want to know how to extract the boot image, see here.
  • Clear boot information: If you do not need boot information for your file, WinISO can help to solve the problem. Just click “Bootable” on the toolbar; the drop-down list will popup. Click the “Clear Boot Information” then you will get a Non-boot image file as the original ISO you have.
  • Bootable DVD Maker

    For more guides, please take closer look here:

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