WinISO Registration - How do I register WinISO?

As many of our customers asked us how to register WinISO, we write this tutorial and show it to you here.


Step 1: Install and run the WinISO

Free Download WinISO from our official website and install it. It will just take you several seconds.

After installation, run WinISO. You can see a registration window as below.

Regiser WinISO


Step 2: Fill out the information

Fill in the Email Address and Registration Code you get from us or the conformation e-mail. Then click “Register”. Now you can use the full version of WinISO.



If you use the old version of WinISO, you should click the “Help”, and then you will see the “Register”. Click it; you will see a dialogue,

WinISO Registration


Click the “Change the Registration Code”. Then fill out the information.


For more guides, please take closer look here.

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