How to set the overwrite confirmation while saving?

ISO software from WinISO wants to do more and go further, just like a Swiss army knife; WinISO gives you everything you’d need in one way - simple. It is professional and unusual ISO software, with extraordinary features. Built with the basic ISO editing features, it also makes itself to be more powerful and more special than others. Several hidden features like setting the overwrite confirmation while saving, merge duplicate files, you need to know.

save iso 01

You are familiar with this, aren’t you? Save ISO files come to be a very essential feature of most of softwares. And this kind of “Window” will pop-up automatically every time when you edit a file. Here comes good news for you who are still disturbed by it. WinISO has added this new feature in its version It will control this “window” appearing or disappearing.

Here we’d like to show you the way to set the overwrite confirmation while saving.

Step 1: Download and install the latest ISO software here, run it.

WinISO main interface

Step 2: Go to “Options”, choose “Configurations”. You will see general setting and saving setting. Then click the “Save” label. Here you can set the options while saving.

save iso 02

Step 3: Now go to the “Confirm overwrite while saving”. There are 3 choices for you.

  • Always
    If you choose it as the default. It means that when you click the “save” button to save ISO files, the reminder will be pop-up automatically each time when you make any changes of the disc images.
  • Only on first time
    With this option, you will see the reminder only once. It will appear when you open & edit ISO file and then save the ISO file in the first time.
  • Never
    Be caution please. Once you choose this option, you will not receive any reminder when you make any changes in the iso files. Even it’s the first time when you edit the file.

According to your preferences, choose the rightist one for yourself.

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