WinISO : How do I edit the content of a file in ISO?

How do I edit the content of a file in ISO?

WinISO is designed to edit ISO image file simply, easily and conveniently, but it requires a few more steps to edit a file in an ISO image.

  1. Extract the file from ISO image.
  2. Edit the extracted file by corresponding software.
  3. Add the edited file back into ISO image, save the new ISO image and overwrite the old one in ISO image.

Do not delete the edited file before the ISO image is saved. During editing process, the file is added by reference. The content cannot be written to ISO image until saving the ISO image.


With WinISO, double-clicking the file of an ISO image will extract the file into a temporary directory and open it. But WinISO cannot monitor the file changes in current version. So the edited temporary file will not be added back into the ISO image.