WinISO Standard 6 is compatible with Windows 8 perfectly.

With the Windows 8 Pro has released, WinISO Standard 6 has also updated itself to be compatible with Windows8 perfectly. All of the functions of WinISO are available on the Windows 8 system.

Have you got the Windows 8? If not, download Windows 8 ISO file here.

At first, I will show you the main features of WinISO which can handle the Windows 8 ISO easily.

WinISO as Windows 8 ISO Maker

Windows 8 iso maker
WinISO can back up the data of CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc, especially the Windows 8 install disk. It’s easy for you to make the Windows 8 iso file from the disc and save it on your pc.

WinISO as Windows 8 ISO Editor

Windows 8 iso editor
WinISO is capable of editing almost all kinds of disc images, as well as Windows 8 iso file. It can add, rename, delete and extract the files.
Here will show you the steps to edit Windows 8 ISO file.

WinISO as Windows 8 ISO Converter

Windows 8 iso converter
WinISO supports for converting disc images between ISO/BIN and other image formats. WinISO can convert Windows 8 iso file to Windows 8 bin file or Windows 8 nrg file, etc. WinISO can meet all your demands.

WinISO as Windows 8 bootable ISO Maker

Windows 8 iso bootable maker
Using WinISO as the bootable ISO editor, you can set the boot information to change non-bootable iso to be a bootable iso file.
Get more information about how to make bootable Windows 8 DVD.

WinISO as Windows 8 ISO Burner

Windows 8 iso burner
WinISO is able to burn disc images which is a useful function for most users. Only several clicks, you can burn the Windows 8 iso file to you CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc.

WinISO as Windows 8 ISO Mount

Windows 8 iso mount
WinISO can be a Mount ISO tool that works like a real drive. Mount the Windows 8 ISO file with WinISO, you can run Windows 8 ISO file from your virtual drive.
Know more about Mounting Windows 8 ISO


WinISO Standard 6:

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